Tutoring Philosophy


My philosophy is that every student deserves access to whatever means of education that are appropriate to them. Students from high school through college need high quality, individualized education, not the cookie-cutter approaches used in the 34-student high school classrooms and the massive lecture halls of the college experience. Parents seek success for their children, and children feel pressure to improve and receive higher scores.

My tutoring is not about following a set routine. My program is about giving individualized attention to the student. Tutoring with me involves finding the points of improvement that students need, focusing on building on the strengths that they already have, and making students better learners. I make an effort to connect to the student, and to show the student that I care about how they do. I make them want to exceed their own expectations. I understand the effort and hard work that it takes to exceed those expectations, and I want to help equip and empower them to achieve their goals.

Middle school tutoring

Middle school is tough not just because of the material students are being taught, but also the changes in social structures and internal feelings that distract them. Students need both a tutor and a mentor. That is what I see as my responsibility.

At the middle school level, I tutor for all math classes, the SSAT and the SHSAT, as well as middle school chemical science and physical science. With the sciences, I fucus especially on creating scientific intuition that they will need for high school biology, chemistry, and physics.

High school tutoring

High school is high pressure. Teachers teach at a very fast pace and expect you to keep up. Sometimes you need a little extra help to get the grades that you want. My goal with you is to help you get your higher grades while also training you on the habits of mind that will help you maintain those higher grades independently and become a better learner.

I tutor for all high school math classes, as well as Physics and Regents Chemistry, and for the PSAT/ISSE, SAT math, both SAT II math tests, the SAT II physics, and the ACT math section.

College tutoring

It’s hard for us to imagine that classes could be any harder than they were in high school. But then we get to college, and we find out that our math classes became more demanding in terms of what they expect us to do and how quickly they expect us to do it. We have to solve problems that we never imagined solving, and the procedures are a bit foreign to us. I can help you get past any hurdles that professors put in front of you.

I tutor for all college math class including introductory math, precalculus, Calc I, II, and II, the GRE math section, and all other math classes, as well as mechanical physics.

Returning student tutoring

I know that you already know the value of an education. That is why you are returning to school. My goal isn’t to motivate you in the same way that younger students need to be motivated. You have motivation to spare. The classes you are taking are a means to an end, a path towards your eventual goal of achieving greater success in your current or new intended career.

Beyond the source of education that college classes are, they can also have a great deal of unintended effects. They can be roadblocks to your path to success. They can be weed-out classes designed to push you out of the program. They can be sinks to the time that you used to use to go to work, take the kids out, or do simple chores like washing dishes.

The transition to becoming a student again can be tough, especially when so much time has passed between now and your last math classes. That’s why I’m here to help you.

I tutor for all college math class including introductory math, precalculus, Calc I, II, and III, the GRE math section, and all other math classes, as well as mechanical physics.

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