Juan Rodriguez, Math tutor and President of JuanTutors.com
  1. Tutor Name: Juan Rodriguez, Tutor and President of JuanTutors.com
  2. Subjects tutored: ACT English, ACT Reading, ASVAB, Elementary English, English, European History, GED, Global History, Grammar, ISSE, Literature, PSAT, Reading, SAT Reading, SAT Writing, SSAT, Study Skills, TOEFL, US History, Vocabulary
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  4. Phone: (646) 820-3524

Tutoring Testimonials for Juan Rodriguez

Scott L.

Tutoring Client Scott L.

Exceptional support

Before tutoring:Struggling on SAT, work habits
After tutoring:Improved scores, gained self esteem, better work habits, improved SAT score by over 100 points
Testimonial: From Scott's mom: Juan Tutors offered an exceptional amount of support and guidance for my SAT preparation. The tutors were exceptionally dedicated and knowledgeable. I have used many other services for my daughter and son and this was the best by far. The reasonable fees were a valuable investment!
Image:Hyde School, Woodstock, Connecticut

Cynthia N.

Tutoring Client Cynthia N.

Destroyed the Geometry Regents

Before tutoring:Doing OK, worried about failing
After tutoring:97 on Geometry Regents
Testimonial: Juan has tutored me in geometry throughout the school year. Right from the start he was was like no other tutor. I experimented with different tutors always trying to find one who was easy to understand and actually like what they do. Juan picks out what you're having trouble with and goes over the subject making sure you understand it all before moving on to the next topic. Through his help I managed to receive a 97 on the geometry regents, which I was very pleased with. I truly recommend Juan as a tutor. Trust me he won't let you down, you get what your paying for.
Image:Archbishop Molloy High School

Lauren H.

Tutoring Client Lauren H.

Really Knows How To Teach!

Before tutoring:Self-employed private English tutor, needed higher math grade for Ph.D program
After tutoring:Achieved higher score, accepted into Ph.D. program at St. John's University.
Testimonial: Juan works with students all day and so he clearly knows how to deal with any type of student that he faces. I have ADHD and learning disabilities and in just a few short sessions Juan really prepared me for the GRE's. I have used many tutors through Wyzant and I must say that Juan's method's are most effective. If I have to take another exam, I will be using him. I would definitely recommend him to anyone seeking help with their math skills!
Image:St. Augustine Hall, St. John's University

Scott F.

Tutoring Client Scott F.

Great tutor

Before tutoring:St. Mary's High School Sophomore, borderline Regents Geometry grade
After tutoring:Passed Geometry with a grade in the 80s!
Testimonial: From Scott's mom: I can't tell you how he tutors but my son (who he did tutor) said he was really good - my son felt more confident when Juan left. He is polite and respectable. From what I overheard while tutoring my son he seemed to find his weak points first and he was patient with him - So all in all as a mom and from my sons point of view Juan is a keeper as a tutor and I will use him again. He is well recommended!! Ps (and I'm picky.)
Image:St. Mary's High School, Manhasset, NY

Priya C.

Tutoring Client Priya C.

Great Tutor!

Before tutoring:In danger of failing Algebra II/Trigonometry
After tutoring:Gained study skills and math foundation to pass Regents
Testimonial: From Priya's dad: Juan is a great tutor, really knows his stuff. Very adept in finding the problems associated with learning. Knows the material well, and even provides resources for the child to learn adequately. Spends the whole time teaching and going over material. Excellent for algebra and SAT preparation.
Image:Herricks High School