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Juan Rodriguez, founder of JuanTutors.com

  1. Name:  Juan Rodriguez
  2. Role: Tutor and JuanTutors.com President
  3. Subjects Tutored:  8th Grade Math, Algebra II, American Mathematics Contest (AMC), AP Calc AB, AP Calc BC, College Calculus, Calc I, Calc II, Calc III, Geometry, IB Calc HL
    IB Calc SL, Integrated Algebra, Number Theory, Physics, Prealgebra , Precalculus, PSAT Math, SAT Math, SAT Math Subject Test Level 1, SAT Math Subject Test Level 2, SHSAT Math, SSAT Math, Trigonometry
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Juan was born and raised in Rockville Centre, Long Island, and went to South Side High School. Like a lot of students, he got off to a rocky start. However, he considers himself lucky to belong to a family that valued education above all else. His parents did everything they could to make sure that all his needs were taken care of, so that he could go to school and focus on doing what he needed to do to improve his résumé with extracurricular activities such as track and SADD, and planning a class trip to Cuba as an Ambassador of Peace. With support from his family, friends, and teachers, he eventually get into the colleges that he wanted.

Juan was admitted to the University of Rochester on a full ride, where he studied mathematics. As a student, he showed promise in math and the sciences. He worked as a personal trainer, math and physics tutor, and physics teaching assistant. In 2003, he was granted the opportunity to work as a research fellow at Haverford College in Pennsylvania with Jerry Gollub, a physicist who studies nonlinear and chaotic dynamics. During this research internship, Juan he did original research on the collective motion of macroscopic chiral particles.

Juan earned his B.S. from Rochester and graduated with honors in 2004. He then attended The Ohio State University, arguably one of the best mathematics graduate schools in the country, where he was awarded the NSF VIGRE Fellowship. Juan received his M.S. in pure mathematics, after which he attended New York University, where he received his M.A. in mathematics education in just one year.

Juan has been a full-time teacher since 2008, and he have tutored since 2001. He was awarded the Math for America Early Career Fellowship in 2010 for outstanding potential and dedication to professional development. His extra curricular activities include Fuji Ryu Jujutsu.

Juan considers his best facet as a tutor to be his ability to relate to students at whatever point in their educational career and at whatever level of comfort they feel with math. He focuses on making a personal connection with students and making sure they know that he care about their learning, and he shows them that they can achieve success whether they struggle with math or they find natural success and want to advance their work.