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SAT problem of the week, September 29, 2014 solution

Hint for process of elimination: Though this problem has a “None of the above” option, choosing a random value for $latex z &s=1$ satisfying the simple conditions that $latex z &s=1$ is odd, such as $latex z=3 &s=1$, would immediately eliminate three of the choices because the answers are odd.

A second benefit of choosing a random value of $latex z &s=1$ is that the process may increase your intuition of what the answer should be.

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SAT problem of the week, September 29, 2014

If $latex z &s=1$ is an odd integer, which of the following is an even integer?

  1. $latex z+2 &s=1$ (check answer)
  2. $latex z-2 &s=1$ (check answer)
  3. $latex z^2 – 3z &s=1$ (check answer)
  4. $latex (z+2)(z-2) &s=1$ (check answer)
  5. None of the above (check answer)

Solutions, hints, and questions are welcomed. A full solution will be posted on October 5th. If you would like to learn how to enter math formulas into this blog, visit the WordPress LaTeX tutorial page.