SAT problem of the week, September 08, 2014 solution

Hint for process of elimination: The sentence is not very complex, so you should know the meaning of the sentence. Even if you don’t know the meaning of all of the choices, you may know the meaning of some. Use those definitions to eliminate illogical answers. That strategy will help on almost every problem.

Read on for a full solution.

Answer: E.

Solution: The words to consistently improve her score make the likely answer something that will help improve her score in the long run. Choice B means the not logical choices, which cannot consistently improve scores. Punctual means on-time, but the sentence does not discuss time. You may also recognize the word radical, which means extreme. Even if you do not recognize the words in choice D or E, this brings you down to two choices, which means your most scrupulous decision would be to make a guess. The word garrulous means extremely talkative, rambling speech, which does not fit this question. The word scrupulous means extremely careful, which best fits the sentence.

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