SAT problem of the week, September 01, 2014

The price of 10 gallons of diesel fuel at the local gas station is D dollars. There are 128 fluid ounces in one gallon, and there are 100 cents in one dollar. What is the price, in cents, of 1000 fluid ounces of diesel fuel?

  1. $latex \dfrac{D}{1280} &s=1$ (check answer)
  2. $latex \dfrac{5D}{64} &s=1$ (check answer)
  3. $latex \dfrac{25D}{32} &s=1$ (check answer)
  4. $latex \dfrac{625D}{8} &s=1$ (check answer)
  5. $latex 100D &s=1$ (check answer)

Solutions, hints, and questions are welcomed. A full solution will be posted on September 7th. If you would like to learn how to enter math formulas into this blog, visit the WordPress LaTeX tutorial page.

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